How resistance bands can replace your gym

How resistance bands can replace your gym

The gym. What does the word mean to you? Flexing, peak physical performance, powering through reps, amassing admirers on The ‘Gram? Or maybe yours is a fever dream of lycra crowds, sweaty equipment and athlete’s foot. No matter which camp you fall into, help is at hand, and it’s so small that you can pack your entire gym into your backpack. 

Here’s the thing: Working out with a resistance band provides you with the same benefits as exercising with weights in your gym [1]. In practical terms, this means that you can get buff and burn through lockdown fat without leaving the lounge.

3 exercises to replace your gym

1. Seated Row

Wrap the band around your feet while sitting upright. Then, hold the band in your fist or wrap it around your wrist. 

Next, pull the band towards your body, keeping your arms under your chest. Move your arms towards yourself, while squeezing your shoulder blades together as you row.

Pro tip: Sit upright during the entire exercise. Keep your chest out and shoulders back. Imagine pushing a weight from your elbow instead of pulling the band improves your form.

Level: Easy | Area of Focus: Back

How many reps?

12 reps and 3 rounds is great.

The Seated Row exercise in action


2. Monster Walk

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and your knees slightly bent. Hold the band looped around your feet and create an X by crossing the band in front of your legs.  

Hold the band at hip height in front of you. Then, take two lateral steps to one side and go back to the opposite side. Start and finish each step at shoulder width stance, with knees slightly bent. 

Pro tip: Keep your shoulders down, and keep your feet vertical. Keep tension on the band at all times (top and bottom). 

Level: Medium | Area of Focus: Legs (Glutes) 

How many reps?

Aim for 12 reps and 3 rounds.


The Monster Walk exercise in action

3. Burpee Resisted
Place the band in front of you, horizontally aligned. From a standing position, go into the plank position while putting your hands on the band and pushing your legs back. 

Perform push ups. Push your legs to your body and enter a squat position while keeping the band in your hands. Then, raise the band above your head and perform a lateral pull down when fully standing, placing the band on your shoulders. 

Pro tip: While keeping the shoulders above the wrists, perform slow, even push ups . Keep your feet attached to the ground. Look forward, straight back elbows to the ground when performing the lat pulldown. All the while, keep your core engaged.

Level: Hard | Area of Focus: Shoulder, Core

How many reps?

12 reps and 3 rounds is great.


The Burpee Resisted exercise in action


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How to get the most out of resistance bands

The key to success for using any workout equipment, even with a resistance band, is picking the right equipment for you. A tool that gives your muscles the proper amount of resistance, but not at the expense of your form.


Tracking your training is an essential step towards continued improvement, and unfortunately it can be harder than it seems to diligently monitor your every workout. Enter the STRAFFR App. 

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Welcome to your new home gym

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[1] SAGE Open Medicine, 2019