The most exciting way to improve your posture.

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  • Smart resistance band measuring power, velocity, and repetitions

  • Active corrective feedback powered by machine learning

  • High-quality workouts designed by physiotherapists and personal trainers

Battery Life

More than 12 hours of STRAFFR training on one single charge.


High performance silicon for the best training experience and durability.


Intelligent material detecting every stretch applied on the band.



The STRAFFR band connects to your smartphone, tracking your training, and providing you with active feedback throughout all exercises.

Corrective Feedback

Live feedback powered by machine learning actively corrects your execution during the resistance band workouts.


After the initial fitness test, you will receive your personalized training plan according to your specific needs and goals.


Actively monitor your training results and see how your fitness level is improving by following the STRAFFR workouts.

Integrated smart material measures power, velocity, and repetitions during your resistance band exercises, no matter where you pull the band.

A whole new Training Experience


STRAFFR Workout Screen

The STRAFFR app counts the repetitions, measures the power, and checks for proper form during your training. Just focus on the exercise and enjoy your workout. Furthermore, the STRAFFR workout circle indicates the range of motion of the smart resistance band.

Check your progress in the stats section of the STRAFFR app. The in-depth analysis of the quality of your workouts will improve your overall training efficiency.

50+ workouts designed by physiotherapists and personal trainers. 


The STRAFFR project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy and the European Social Fund.

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We’re a young startup on the journey to reinvent smart portable fitness solutions. We are in the pre-production phase now, and will introduce STRAFFR to the market in limited batches.

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