Yes, the days are getting shorter and colder, even more reason to start the day strong and balanced. This quick 10 min. workout will kickstart your day and give your circulation an early boost. The first mobility exercises and stretches will refresh your body after not moving for a long time. After a short warmup  we will get your circulation going with a few quick and exciting strength exercises. Make sure to read the outlined areas of focus designed by physiotherapists and personal trainers to ensure proper form while performing the exercise. While your coffee is brewing, grab your resistance band and let’s get ready for the day with the STRAFFR sunrise morning routine.

Upper Body Rotation

This resistance band exercise is the perfect routine after just waking up. After hours of lying, your spine will appreciate this mobility warm up.

Setup: Resistance band rests on your shoulder blades. Bend forward as far as possible while keeping back straight. Knees slightly bent.

Execution: Slowly rotate your upper body while keeping your back straight. Return to starting position and rotate in the opposite direction.

Areas of Focus: Straight back. Head stays in line with the upper body. Knees slightly bent.

Bands Upper Body Rotation

Repetitions: 1×12

Pass Through

Curled up for hours in bed your shoulders will love this mobility move! Notice how the range of motion increases throughout this exercise, it is like magic

Setup: Hold the resistance band in front of your body. Hands more than shoulder width apart.

Execution: With locked elbows lift the resistance band upwards and continue to bring the band behind your back. Reverse the movement to bring the resistance band in front of your body again.

Areas of Focus: Straight arms. Shoulders stay down. Keep resistance band under tension.

Resistance Band Pass-Through

Repetitions: 1×12


Don’t worry we won’t go crazy on this one. Squats is the perfect exercise to improve your posture right from the start. Really focus on proper execution to get the most out of this exercise.

Setup: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart on then band. Put the band on your shoulders in front of your chest while crossing your arms.

Execution: Bent your knees and lower your body into the squat position till your hips are at the level of your knees. Return to the standing position, to complete one repetition.

Areas of Focus: Keep your knees stable above your feet. Look forward head stays straight. Keep your back straight. The feet remain in contact with the floor with even weight distribution. Core engaged.

Band Squat

Repetitions: 1×15

  1. Single Arm Pull Apart

One of our most exciting exercises to improve your posture and straightening your back.

Setup: Loop one end of the band around your shoulder and pass it behind your back to grab it with the same arm you wrapped it around. Hold the band in your fist straight in front of you.

Execution: Straighten your arm in front of  your chest and perform a 90 degree outwards rotation until your arm is beside your body. Bring your arm back into the starting position while keeping your upper body straight and your hand at chest level with your thum up.  

Areas of Focus: Slightly bent knees. Upper body straight. Keep your shoulders down at all times. Head above your body and chin slightly tucked.

Single Arm Pull Apart

Repetitions: 1×15 Right & Left

Single Arm Biceps curls

Feel the pump. The last exercise will make you feel confident when you start your day. Finish strong and get the day started!

Setup: Stand on the band with one foot. Grip the band in one hand. Apply tension in lower position.

Execution: Stand on the band with one foot and grab the band with one hand. Make sure to keep the band unter tension even in the lower position. Adjust the way you stand on the band to make it shorter if necessary.

Areas of Focus: Elbows stationary. Stay straight. Slow movement. Core engaged.

Resistance Band Single Arm Bicep Curl

Repetitions: 15 x Right & Left

Awesome job! You have finished the STRAFFR Good Morning Resistance Band Workout. Enjoy the rest of your day and feel awesome about your accomplishment! Cheers.