Finding exercise routines is very easy nowadays due to the amount of existing options provided by fitness centers, specialized websites, professional athletes, etc. But sometimes all these options can be overwhelming, leading to difficulties finding the right exercise for each individual use case. The good news is that the majority of these exercise routines have something in common: stretching.

For some time now, a new trend based on stretching exercises has entered the fitness world, possibly dominating every aspect of day to day life. Because of its enormous benefits to general health, especially to the musculoskeletal system. And if this trend was already good, the more recent addition of resistance bands to the stretching routines made it even better and easier.

Resistance bands, especially the flat and looped elastic ones without handles, are so effective because they can allow the individual to do different types of stretching exercises, providing even more health benefits. The first advantage of working with a resistance band is that it allows doing stretching exercises anywhere and at any time. Elastic bands can be looped or attached to a pole, to a door, to any part of the body, etc., making it possible for the person to train and perform different types of routines. Resistance and elastic bands use four methods of stretching

1.Dynamic stretching

The more active and popular form of stretching. This increases the range of motion while increasing the blood flow to the tissues, which makes it a good way to prepare the body for a workout session.

2. Active range of motion stretching

Excellent for joint movement and muscle stretching, creating better biomechanics and preventing injuries.

3. Pull or traction stretching

Using a part of the body as a counterpoint, this increase blood flow, decompression, and enhanced joint health.

4. Static stretching

Holding the stretch for a sustained period of time until feeling a slight discomfort, increasing muscle relaxation and flexibility.It is important to remember that these exercise routines have to be done in the right way and following professional guidance. 

Physical therapist Rick Rafael, who offers professional-led stretch sessions to patients with mobility and flexibility problems, says:

“Overdoing it(stretching)could end up putting too much stretch on a muscle and causing an injury.” He then adds: “Just like anything else, you can go get a massage from someone who doesn´t know how to do it and can injure you. The risk factor is always there.”

Rick Rafael, 2019, USA Today

The bottom line is that practicing consistent and controlled stretching routines with resistance bands will help to achieve a healthier body while improving muscle and joint conditions.


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