5 Reasons to Include Variable Resistance Training in Your Workout

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As we reach a point in life, we start to consider fitness as more of a lifestyle than a hobby. We work out because fitness helps reduce aging-related issues and improves our quality of life, whether it be through leg presses or dumbbell rows. 

At times there is a high chance for many groups of people to become severely injured from lifting heavy fitness equipment. However, resistance training is a great alternative which is even recommended by physical therapists, as it’s equally effective at maintaining your muscle strength. 

When done correctly, resistance bands offer the same muscle activation, but without the risk to your joints or bones. Furthermore, there are many other benefits of using resistance bands and why you should definitely incorporate resistance band workouts into your training routine. 

1. Resistance band workouts are accessible to everyone

Invented for rehabilitation purposes, stretching, warming up muscles, resistance bands have since been quite popular for people of all ages and genders. Resistance bands are easily available online - you can purchase them right now and start working out without even stepping outside the comfort of your home. Even when performing exercises like leg presses, bicep curls, or squats, adding in a resistance band will instantly increase the efficacy of your workout.

2. Variable resistance training is perfect for beginners

Even if you’re a beginner, you will definitely benefit from variable resistance training. The exercises are easy to perform and are less likely to cause an injury. We understand - weights are intimidating when you first go to the gym. They are heavy, clunky, and have a higher chance of causing injury, if you’re not careful. Without proper coaching, beginners might be too reluctant to start. In this case, easing yourself into a training routine using resistance bands is a great way to begin your fitness journey.

3. Variable resistance training has a great variety

Looking to add more muscles to your frame? Tone your upper body or reduce lower body fat? Resistance bands can be the perfect tool to help you achieve your fitness goals. This is due to the vast variety of exercises, and workouts which can be performed with bands. Moreover, they can help you target almost all the major muscle groups in the body. The versatility of bands makes them a useful addition to, or a replacement for, more conventional weight training tools like barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells.

4. Resistance band workouts are ideal for mobility training

Mobility is of utmost importance when it comes to your overall fitness, especially when we begin to age. Every fluid movement of the body starts with a solid mobility foundation. Resistance bands are a godsend for professional athletes, as they allow flexible and dynamic mobility training without putting excessive stress on the muscles. However, you can benefit from mobility workouts without being an athlete as well. There are plenty of demonstration videos available on the STRAFFR app which includes exercises for functional and mobility training - to help your body feel much better in the long run.

5. Resistance band workouts are great for busy schedules and frequent travellers

Keeping up with a training schedule can be hard, especially if you have to constantly travel for work or pleasure. There might not be a gym where you go, so the best bet is to bring a set of resistance bands and adapt to a new training regimen. Resistance band workouts allow you to exercise anywhere, at any time, with minimal equipment and effort. 

Final thoughts

Many strength athletes add resistance bands to their barbell lifts for a greater challenge, but the idea of doing a full session with bands would not be taken seriously. However, with newer and smarter resistance bands, like STRAFFR you can conveniently have a pocket-friendly, portable gym with you at all times - whether you wish to train at home, or on the go!

The STRAFFR smart fitness band not only helps you achieve your fitness goals, but also provides you post-workout analytics so you can assess your progress efficiently via its connected app.

This live-action feedback and exercise guidance via the app makes sure every workout counts.

As your fitness and ability improve, it’s easy to increase the resistance level and intensity by narrowing your grip and the app will follow. It's like you’re walking around with an infinite number of free weights in your pocket. For more details, don’t forget to check out the STRAFFR smart band.

Thanks for reading! Head over to our website to download the Free STRAFFR App.