3 Major Disadvantages of Resistance Bands and How They Will be Reinvented in 2019

There are some disadvantages when it comes to training with resistance bands. At the end of this article you will know how novel resistance bands will overcome these major disadvantages to become one of the most effective portable training device in 2019.

1. Quantification

Most resistance bands are color-coded to indicate the strength of the resistance band. However, due to the variety of workouts that you can perform with this mobile training device, it is difficult to quantify how hard you are pulling during a given exercise [1]. 

2. Comparability

With dumbbells or gym machines, you can easily see how you are improving from day to day. Simply adapt the weights as you are getting stronger. Using resistance bands, it is difficult to compare the progress of your day to day workouts. Slightly changing your grip on the elastic band has an immediate effect on the tension of the band. It is almost impossible to compare your exercises. The lack of comparability can be a real showstopper if you trying to determine whether your workout brought the expected success or not [2].

3. Motivation

The lack of comparability and quantification is making it so much harder to motivate yourself. Studies show that you have to track your goals and compare results in order to stay motivated. When using resistance bands, you have to motivate yourself rather than being motivated by the use of the fitness device to stay in the game [3].

Reinventing resistance bands

Despite of all the benefits of conventional resistance bands regarding versatility, portability, and effectiveness, the use of resistance bands is rather unpopular due to the mentioned disadvantages. These problems have led the STRAFFR team to invent a fully sensorial resistance band. The STRAFFR band can quantify every motion during your workout. It motivates you to stay fit and leverages the positive aspects of this portable training device. 

Interested to know how the STRAFFR band works and how it is helping you to stay fit and motivated? In this Video Stefan, the co-founder of STRAFFR explains how this smart resistance band works:

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